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Medical Billing Sotware and Practice Management Software: VIEW FEATURES

Our flagship product, SydaMED medical billing software is a comprehensive medical practice management software that offers complete patient recordkeeping, appointment scheduling, claims processing, electronic claims submission, receivables management, patient billing, and accounting integration.

This product is designed to handle the complex needs of health care providers and medical billing professionals. It can handle small and large offices ranging from one to hundreds of users.

Click here to read SydaMED's comprehensive 16-page PDF brochure.

Available Modules for SydaMED:


All Codes on Disk: Medical Billing Software VIEW INFO

SydaCODE contains all ICD, CPT, and HCPCS codes on one disk for import into SydaMED medical billing software.


Sync SydaMED appointments with your Google Calendar, Outlook, or export into appointment reminder calling systems: VIEW INFO

SydaMED Appointment Export is an application designed to help you integrate your scheduled appointments with your lifestyle.


Integrate Credit Card Processing within SydaMED: VIEW FEATURES

Process credit card transactions with ease. Once a transaction is processed SydaMED creates an automatic receivable and generates receipts.


HL7 link to EMR or EHR Systems: Medical Billing Software VIEW FEATURES

SydaLink is a 2-way communication application that directly links SydaMED advanced medical billing software to popular EMR systems. SydaLink is built in accordance with HL7 protocols and features unique multi-channel capability.


Link SydaMED to QuickBooks via a Direct Bridge. VIEW FEATURES

No need to export a file from one system to import into another. SydaMED transfers receivable data to journals in QuickBooks in an automated live stream.