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Additional Features


Designed for Windows Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10
Single user / Multi-user / Client Server Versions available

Enhanced Features | Medical Billing Software

Modern Graphical Interface
Practice Setup - Multiple practices allowed
Insurance Setup - Comprehensive
Patient Setup - Defaults can be set
Patient Quick Add -- On-the-fly entry
Patient Setup - Multiple insurance cases
Customizable Lists and Terms 
Maximum Visit & Coverage Amount tracked
Color-coded Patient Appointments
Patient Account Pop-Up Note Writer
Powerful Graphics
Multiple Fee Schedules 
Credit Card Authorization within Program
Multiple Keyboard Shortcuts
Advanced Search Capabilities 
Pop-Up Calculator
Scrolling through Records 
Multiple Active Windows
On-Line Context Sensitive Help
Delete Records / Undelete Records Capability
Color-coded Payments Tracking 
Built-in HIPAA Reports 
Multi-Level Password Protection
Full Integration with QuickBooks Accounting
Feature-Rich Patient / Provider Scheduler 
Point of Sale inventory & sales tracking
for non-medical items sold

Electronic Claims Submission

Submits Claims to Several Clearinghouses
Direct-To-Carrier Electronic Claims Compatible
Procedure & Diagnosis Code Verification
Claims Batch tracking 


Backup & Restore Data Files
Export All Files to CSV Format, Excel, Access
Exports Data to Your Preferred Data Processor
Rebuilds Data Files in Case of Damage or Loss
Prints Audit Entry Reports
Export Patient Emails to MS Outlook

Reports & Printing

Patient Birthday Lists
Address Lists / Labels
Insurance Carrier Lists
Diagnosis Code Lists
Procedure Code Lists
Provider Lists
CMS-1500 Claim Module
CMS-1450 Claim Module
Provider Revenue Forecasting
Multiple/Custom Patient Statement Formats
Customizable Dunning Statement Messages
Patient Walk-Out & Remainder Statements 
Customizable Superbill Formats
Delayed Secondary Billing
Insurance Mailing Labels
On-Line Eligibility Subscription
Managed Care Payments Tracking
Calculates & Applies Finance Charges
Insurance Aging Statements
Tracks Aging Over 30, 60, 90, 120 Days
Patient Ledger & Aging
Patient Day Sheets & Transaction Reports
Procedure Day Sheets
Insurance Analysis & Aging Reports
Insurance Tracers
Custom Reports
Transaction Journals
Referring Physician Analysis
Insurance Analysis
Extensive Practice Analysis