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Versatile Patient Scheduling

Scheduling patients is a snap! Easy-to-use patient scheduling screen shows instant availabilities and appointment openings! Staff can search for first openings, specific openings, force an appointment block, and even block out a range of times and dates. Plus, the system allows no-show appointments to be documented and recall appointments to be tracked. Different schedule types for each day of the week can be customized for providers.

SydaMED also allows users to easily schedule multiple repetitive appointments for the same patient in advance. This function is particularly useful for some types of medical practices and clinics where patients are regularly seen at the exact same time on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

click image for screen shot
Powerful scheduling features allow total control of daily schedule load.

SydaMED's Scheduler has many other significant features, including:

  • The system allows healthcare providers to forecast future earnings based on scheduled appointments!
  • You can tie different superbills to different providers in a multi-specialty clinic, so that when you print out superbills for the days appointments, the correct one prints for each provider.
  • You can view the schedule for multiple resources at once.
  • You can view daily and weekly schedules.
  • You view appointment lists per provider and per patient and view appointment history.

All in all, this outstanding scheduling system meets the needs of today's demanding medical offices.