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Your entire office staff will find SydaMED easy to use and understand.

No one doubts that medical recordkeeping is one of the most confusing and challenging aspects of practice management. That's why our engineers have worked hard to ensure that SydaMED guides users step-by-step through the vast amount of keyboarding that must get done to track patient records and file insurance claims. Try SydaMED and you will be surprised how easy data entry can be!

Our user interface makes it easy to collect and enter comprehensive patient information on one form, as shown in the screen shot here. We also programmed into the system the ability to create several insurance accounts, or cases, for a single chart, such as a patient who has both a regular account as well as a "car accident insurance case" or a Worker's Comp insurance case because we know that new regulations require these to be stored together to avoid duplicating a patient chart for confidentiality reasons.

Every data entry screen in SydaMED medical billing software has been rigorously developed to enhance workflow and reduce errors when entering data.