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Electronic Superbill Generator!

SydaMED incorporates an electronic superbill generator module that allows for custom and dynamic creation of superbills for your practice! You can create a custom superbill for each provider in a practice, with each superbill listing the most common procedure and diagnosis codes utilized by that provider. This is a great feature that speeds up practice setup and allows you to improve the provider's billing accuracy.

Superbills can be printed individually or in batch for all scheduled appointments. The header includes all necessary patient and practice information. The footer includes areas for pricing and notes.

What's more, printing superbills can be tied to each provider in a multi-specialty setup, so there's never any confusion! Exceptions can also be handled, as a different superbill can be assigned to a patient at the time of making the appointment!

In addition to superbills that you can design, SydaMED supplies you with an assortment of pre-formatted superbills that can be customized as needed for your clients.